Yash Qaraah:

Has developed a concept to produced Ads on

My Hit Radio Show Yash Qaraah- RADIO World Wide!

My Show get air play 24-7. Not only air play but, iHeart Radio/Spotify & iTunes streaming views, in other words when running your ads with Yash Qaraah not only are you getting ads, but your are getting Air Play= None Stop Ads World Wide.

Also on iHeart Radio/Spotify/iTunes Over & Over.

You can't go wrong.

Please be advised we don't promote Pornography,Night Clubs,Dating Sites,Church's, Celebrities, Hip Hop, Sex Ads.

We do promote Righteous Music, Survival Technics, Self Defense, Gatherings, Knowledge, Vegans, Vegetarians, Business's, Self Employment, Physical Fitness, Food, Restaurants,Marriage, Family, Mentoring, Homeschooling etc...

Radio ads are not Radio Spins.

Radio Advertising talks about your business, adventures etc..

Each ad cost $100.00 If you are in need of Ad Promos it's $75.00 add on & a 15min interview. Yash will do a Ad Roll out featuring your product between Radio breaks. Regular ads are just spoken during broadcast. Which still is very affective. You decide what's best for your brand. and Yash Qaraah will do the rest. When a business do an interview you connect with your product and audience right away.

Entrepreneur Ads will cost more because of their revenue.

will make it do what it do.. All Ads run continually remember Radio shut ads down within a week Yash Radio Ads run all day all night as well as streaming on iHeart Radio/Spotify/iTunes etc...

When the Radio show is done your ad runs on Auto Polite!

Let Yash Radio World Wide promote your ADS!


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Radio Ads









Mini Entrepreneur Ads

                    Entrepreneur/Mini Entrepreneur Ads

M.E.A- Is made for up & coming business that's making under 65k per year.  

M.E.A  is a 4 day pre-recored promo ad with interview and coaching

This Ad is a one on one event like no other.

Yash Radio streams World Wide; with the right work ethic your business should do very well. Positivity only!

No negative energy!

After you Buy Now you will be sent out an agreement.

So that your Ad will be done professionally and spot on.

This agreement is a electronic signature so that you the client/Ad person totally understand the Mini Entrepreneur Ad

and having no confusion on the work that's being done.

By Yash Radio. We wont you to be a success! So let

Yash Radio promote your Ad. Positive Business Only!