Market Your BRAND WORLD WIDE: is not a PROMO: When Marketing we go all out. Facebook,Instagram,Spotify,iHeart Radio,Apple Podcast etc... * (STARTING NEW! WE NOW TARGET YOUR VIDEO TO BUISNESS IN YOUR FIELD)

Yash Qaraah will market your brand/business if you are overseas or thinking about leaving the USA, but in need of serious Marketing so that you can generate an income & have more free time for family & friends.

Go ahead and visit or relocate to all the wonderful paradise beaches mountains etc.. While you're traveling your business is in remote stage. Now you have an income, no worries, just live stressed free.

All Ads will broadcast on Yash Qaraah Radio World Wide/Facebook/Instagram.

  • Ordered Weekly/Monthly or Yearly. We also send you screen shots on ads ran on FB/Instagram.
  • Weekly= $300 you get 5 days-Ad ran on Facebook/Instagram/Web Streaming Radio
  • Monthly= $600 you will get 30 days-Ad ran on Facebook/Instagram/Web Streaming Radio
  • Yearly = $7k you will get 7 days a week for 12 months-Ad. Ran on Facebook/Instagram/Web Streaming Radio(Auto Polite)

The Yearly ad will be for the serious business people who generate a high income.

Please note your Ads will be very detailed you would need to give links, pics, websites, prices etc.. You will need to tell us if you want your ads to be recurring or as a one time deal.

Before we broadcast your ad you'll need two sign an agreement that we send out to you via email to sign electronically.

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MARKET YOUR BRAND from Central America/USA/South East Asia/South Africa/Canada/United Kingdom/United Arab Emirates/Brazil/India