Qaraah Films was started in 2014. Yash Qaraah started on YOU TUBE in 2007 where he open up pandora's box on Hollywood,Rituals & Sacrifices etc..
When You Tube communities notice the traffic flow they started to listen in. This is when things would become very striking for Yash, You Tube warn Yash to pull all content about Hollywood Music Industry. Yash said no! They started to band his accounts-Yes account's Yash had 5 accounts with You Tube they shut them all down. Yash relax for 2 years and went to Blog Talk Radio & became a internet sensation with Streaming Radio. Then came back to You Tube and produce a documentary called The Black Masonic about Black Hollywood right after that another one called Blood Sacrifice. You Tube warn Yash all over again. By then sponsors wanted to drop ads on Yash channel. Once You Tube updated their policy. Stating if we strike your account you can't mon·e·tize your channel, however we can still run ads on your channel. This was enough! Yash said bye Felicia with his middle finger & launch 7stage.com & never look back. its been 9 years and Yash Qaraah have become world wide with his New Yash Qaraah World Wide Radio Show & his PPV Indie Owned Films.
Now thats how you do the DAMN THING! :-)
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